Terms and Conditions


This disclaimer regulates the issue of responsibility and/or liability for decisions made on the basis of publications, reports or analyses by Kontali Analyse (KA).

Publications and reports present our general analyses of the markets. The analyses are based on thorough research and our general and specific knowledge. However, neither our reports, nor any specific analysis within the reports, expresses any specific advice in relation to particular financial instruments, issuers of such or transactions, and the report does not constitute investment advice or investment recommendations according to the Norwegian Securities Trading Act of 29. June 2007.

Responsibility for both any acts or omissions on the basis of our publications and reports is placed solely on the buyer/reader. KA shall not be held liable for any act or omission or consequences of any transactions or decisions allegedly made by the buyer/reader as a result of any information provided by KA. KA shall not be liable for direct or indirect errors in our publications, reports or any other analysis or in its conclusions and advice.


All material in publications and reports from KA is protected by copyright. The report is intended for the sole use of the buyer/reader. All use of the report must be in compliance with this clause and our terms and conditions. The following is prohibited by law, except when permission is granted in advance by KA:

  • photocopying of any part of the publications or reports for any purpose
  • duplication/reproduction
  • transmitting or distributing in any form or by any means both internally or to a third party,
  • storing in a retrieval system.